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Caring for the Yumpingo devices

How often should I charge my devices?

Re-charge your Yumpingo devices every night as a part of your standard closing procedures, ideally in a safe place that gets WiFi connection. Restaurant managers' offices are notorious for being tucked away with a terrible WiFi connection, so make sure this isn't the case where you're charging. The device should have enough power to work throughout the day at a busy restaurant. 

When charging your devices, ensure that the charging cable is all the way in and a small light should appear at the top of the front screen. Depending on your Yumpingo device and the level of charge, the light may flash.



If the light does not appear and the device is not charging, please first...

1. Try alternating your device charging cables to determine if the charging cable(s) is faulty

2. Try alternating your USB charging block to determine if the charging block(s) is faulty

3. The device may be completely dead and will need some time before the light shows, plug it in and wait 1-2 hours

Should I switch off the Yumpingo devices?

The Yumpingo devices check in every 15 mins to download software and menu updates. So it's really important that you never switch off your devices but simply Restart and charge them each night.

However, restarting them can allow devices a fresh start (the classic turn it off and on again).

If you have any questions or comments please reach out through the chatbox on the bottom-right of your screen and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can! 

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