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Introducing Yumpingo

Yumpingo collects and analyses direct customer feedback, pinpointing specific improvements in food and service execution that transform guest experiences.

Here's a short video on how one of our clients uses Yumpingo in service:

What does Yumpingo do? 

  • Yumpingo will give you as servers a great insight into how and why your guests are happy.
  • Scores are available for every individual dish and drink item, across all service styles and venues. Yumpingo takes out the guesswork and lets you see your brand through the eyes of your guests, this helps with improving the quality of food and service in your restaurant on any given day.
  • Receiving this detailed feedback empowers you to improve your guests' experience which will also make your life easier as a team member and ensures you have more guests leaving happy.

Leave a test review:

This test review will give you a good idea of how your customers interact with Yumpingo, though each experience will vary slightly depending on which version of Yumpingo your business uses. It's an imaginary experience at a made-up restaurant, so be as kind or critical as you like.  

The link will open a new window. When you've finished, head back here to carry on. 


Yumpingo collects three things:

1. Food and Drink - Guests can choose to leave reviews on the individual dishes or drinks they had.

2. Experience - Every guest will be asked a couple of questions about their general experience.

3. Contact - Customers are given the option to leave their email addresses if they want to stay in touch.

The key measure of guest happiness we use is the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and that is an important part of our reporting. Click here to learn more about NPS

Information comes through to your restaurant in real-time proving live reporting. If you are doing a great job your management team will see that and can give you daily personalised feedback on your performance, which can help you in tailoring your service style.

NEXT: Yumpingo in service

In the next section, you will learn how to use the version of Yumpingo used in your restaurant. If you're not sure which version of Yumpingo your restaurant uses, check with your General Manager before you start this section. 


Click on your version of Yumpingo below to learn more.

Devices with Menu Select
Your customer sees your full menu and selects which dishes they had to review.

Devices with Filtered Menus 
Your customer only sees the dishes and drinks they had. 
The devices connect with your POS and you enter a bill or table number.

Devices with Digital Bill

Your customer only sees their digital bill (the dishes they had and how much they spent).

The devices connect with your POS and you enter a bill or table number.

QR Codes
Your customers access the review from a QR code on their table or bill.

Post Dining Emails

Your customer receives the review to their email after they have left your venue.

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