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Introducing Yumpingo to guests

Every Order, Every Day, Every Time

Yumpingo works better the more reviews you collect, so aim for as many reviews as possible. It's really important to focus on collecting the thoughts of lots of guests, regardless of whether you suspect they have a good or bad time.

Give every guest the chance to participate - every order, every day, every time.

How to present the devices

The way you present the devices to guests can have a big impact on how likely they are to participate. Your introduction should be short and sweet, but be purposeful about the language you use.

A good introduction highlights that your guest can leave a quick review, you value their opinion, and it really helps your restaurant improve. 


  1.  It's quick: "less than a minute" "it's a review"
  2.  You value their opinion
  3.  It really helps your restaurant improve. People really want to help!


  • Avoid the words 'form', or 'survey' (they are long and boring!)
  • Don't ask if they have time to spare or if they have time to fill it in. This also sounds drawn out.
  • Silence isn't golden. Don't leave the devices without an explanation.

Here are a few example phrases you can try:

Try a few, to find out what works best for you to get the most reviews.

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