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Devices with Menu Select

Use your custom-branded Yumpingo device to deliver checks, replacing your existing check presenters or trays. 

The 1-minute review slots into service at the end of a customer's visit. It's a great way to fill the short time between a guest asking for their check and making a payment.

When a guest asks for their check please do the following...

  1. Print the check and place it in the device. Place the paper receipt into the left side of the Yumpingo device as you would with a standard billfold.

  2. Wake the device. To do this press the button on the right side of the device. Depending on your brand's setting you may be required to enter a 4-digit server PIN.

  3. Bring the device to the table. Take the bill and the Yumpingo device to the guest’s table. You'll need to take some time to explain what Yumpingo is, there will be more on that in the next section. If they wish to take part, guests can follow on-screen instructions to leave their reviews.

  4. Then, take their payment as normal

Returning to the home screen

Once a guest finishes, collect the Yumpingo device from their table and check that it's ready for the next customer.

If the last guest stopped mid-review, any answers they gave will still be submitted. Just tap three times on your restaurant’s logo at the top left of the screen to head back to the start screen. Then return the device to the server’s station ready for the next guest.

Looking after the devices:

Cleaning: The devices are designed to be robust and easy to clean so that you can protect yourself and your guests. Keep the devices clean and presentable by wiping down the screen and case with an antibacterial cleanser as part of your regular routine.

Charging: The devices have a long battery life, designed to outlast even the busiest shifts. However, charging them each night is really important for software updates and keeping the devices healthy in the long run. If the battery starts to get too low a pop-up will appear on the device to alert you.

NEXT: Introducing Yumpingo to Customers

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