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'0' Reviews on daily round-up email report

If you are receiving '0' reviews on the Yumpingo daily round-up email report either you have not taken any reviews or your WiFi has gone down and your Yumpingo devices are not able to connect to your WiFi and upload your reviews to your daily email report or Yumpingo dashboard.

If your WiFi is not working the Yumpingo devices will continue to capture and store your reviews until your WiFi is working again and then upload the stored reviews to the Yumpingo dashboard. So whilst you will not see your reviews on your daily email report while your WiFi is down, when you're WiFi is back up and running your reviews will show on your dashboard for the correct date/time as normal. Yumpingo will store your reviews on the device for up to 7 days. The reviews are saved even if the device is restarted. Login to the dashboard here: app.yumpingo.com and select 'Yesterday' in the date range on the top right hand corner and all of the info that comes to you by email will show here. 

Please always check your WiFi connection using your mobile phone to make sure you have a good connection. If your WiFi is not working contact your company's IT support team.

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