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Set up Venue groups

On the Dashboard, there are options to see your your food, service, and research scores for all venues in your brand, or just a single venue. With Venue Groups you can analyse your venues by grouping them together to see their combined scores. These groups can be compared against the brand averages to easily identify variations in performance.

This functionality is really useful for:

  • Executives and operations managers who want to see scores in different geographic regions.
  • Menu and innovation teams that want to compare a new menu or brand concept against the core estate.
  • Area managers who want to understand how they compare to the brand's benchmarks.

Shared vs personal groups


Before creating a group you should consider whether the grouping is commonly used for reporting across your organisation. For example creating a regional North West group for all your restaurants would be useful for anyone who works in that area. In this case, your brand administrator can set up Shared Venue groups which are accessible to your whole business and are automatically assigned to your teams. 

Personal venue groups: Multiple venues, single view

For any other groups that are just for yourself, you can create your own personal groups in the dashboard yourself.

To set up a venue group:

  • Log onto the Dashboard and go to the Manage tab on the left to select venue groups
  • Then, click Add group in the upper right hand corner.
  • A pop up with display for you to name the venue groups. 
    • This naming convention is totally customisable, just make sure it's something that's clear to everyone who uses it! Examples: Dave Smith's region, Northwest Venues, Trial Menu sites
    • Click create.
  • The full list of venues will appear. Click the + to add whichever you would like for the list and click save.
  • Your new group is created and will appear on the list

To remove a group:

  • On the same Venue groups page, go to the group you wish to remove and click expand on the top right of the section.
  • A trash can icon will appear on the bottom right of the expanded section
  • Click the trash can and click delete to remove the group

To view your shared and personal groups:

  • Go go to any of the tabs on the left to view your brands info.
  • Click on the top left drop down list where you can see the option ''All venues''
  • From the drop down you'll first see your personal venue groups and the ones you have access to created by your brand.
  • Select the list you'd like to see and view data for that group.


  • You can add as many or as few venues to each group
  • You can add the same venue to multiple venue groups
  • Users with access to multiple venues but not the whole brand - such as regional operations managers or franchise holders - will see the all their venues on one single screen.
  • You can receive a weekly report for your shared venue groups. Contact Yumpingo for more information.

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