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Attaching Yumpingo Device Cases

There are 2 Yumpingo cases per device:

  • Front - Restaurant & Yumpingo logo
  • Back - Camera hole in top left corner

Follow the instructions below for fitting the cases:

  • Start with the back case, matching up the hole to the camera placement
  • Locate and align the raised case clips to fit the holes in the device and press down firmly starting with the spine, and ensure that all clips are securely clicked into place.
  • Continue pressing clips along each of the other edges of the device until all clips are securely pressed.
  • Check to ensure there are no gaps between the device and case. The case should be secure

To remove a case:

The branded plastic shell snaps off by gently pulling on the hard case at the spine above the Yumpingo logo.

Please follow the steps from the video below:

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