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Routines to Deliver Continuous Improvements

You’ve started collecting reviews and exploring what your data means and now it’s time to make Yumpingo a part of your regular process. 

Feedback works best when you make it part of a process of continuous improvement. If you can take the right actions each week, they build to improve your overall NPS scores. The idea is to slightly improve all experiences, to push the needle, moving a 3 to a 4 and a 4 to a 5. 

The happier the guest, the more often they return, the more they spend, and the longer they will keep coming back. These small factors really add up, and the difference in the value of these customers is very significant:

This routine is recommended to get the most out of our insights:

Daily Routine

‘Live!’ Page - Your reviews in real-time

  • Filter reviews by sentiment to quickly locate areas for immediate improvement during a shift.


Weekly Routine

‘Highlights’ Page - Your Monday management meeting in a nutshell

  • A breakdown of Experience, Food & Drink, and Service, week-on-week.

  • Create actions for specific team members in order to drive success.

  • Celebrate successes by sharing review compliments.

Experience Drivers - Find the ‘why’ behind your NPS score

  • See which topics are frequently mentioned by your customers.

  • Impact-weighted opportunities based on the frequency of mentions and correlation to NPS.

Monthly Routine

‘Food and Drink’ Page - Dive deeper into the performance of your menu

  • Gain visibility on your overall food score, dish reviews and individual key metrics.

  • Sort your dishes by score and more importantly the change in score.

  • Identify key dishes to focus on → Tweak dish or re-train team → Measure the impact of that change

‘Service’ Page - Is your team delivering exceptional service to guests?

  • NPS trends as an overall measure of the guest experience

  • Scores and key trends for each of your service steps

Add these  steps into your daily, weekly and monthly routine to keep on top of what your customers think and drive the performance of your restaurant. 

Last step: Celebrate Success

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