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Daily Yumpingo Device Care

How often should the devices be charged?

Re-charge your Yumpingo devices every night as a part of your standard closing procedures, ideally in a safe place with a WiFi connection. Restaurant managers' offices are notorious for being in a corner with a poor WiFi connection, so make sure this isn't the case. With regular overnight charging, the devices have enough power to work throughout the day at a busy restaurant. 

While charging:

Stacking devices while charging may cause the devices and battery to overheat, and eventually stop working. Device overheating may also be compounded by the devices being charged in a warm/hot area. We highly recommend avoiding stacking the devices when they are charging. Devices may be stacked when they are not charging and in active service as they generate minimal heat at this point.

Overloading power sockets with other equipment while charging the devices may cause a power surge and overload the device battery, causing it to eventually stop working. Overloading power sockets is a serious hazard and may lead to electrical faults or fire. We highly recommend that you charge the devices only with the USB charger provided and plug this into a standalone single wall socket and not a power strip/extension cable used to charge other equipment.

For security, we recommend storing the devices in a safe and secure place away from the public when the devices are not in service.

When charging your devices, ensure that the charging cable has fully "clicked in" and a small light appears at the top left of the screen. Depending on the device's level of charge, the light may flash when first connected to a charger.

If the light does not appear and the device is not charging, please first...

  1. Try alternating your device charging cables to determine if the charging cable(s) is faulty
  2. Try alternating your USB charging block to determine if the charging block(s) is faulty
  3. The device may be completely dead and will need some time before the light shows, plug it in and wait 1-2 hours.

USB port care:

  1. Carefully connect/remove the device cable and ensure a good fit when charging
  2. Gently put down the device for guests

  3. Do not move the device cable while connected to the USB port during charging
  4. Only use a USB-C cable to charge devices

Do the Yumpingo devices need to be switched off?

The Yumpingo devices check in every 15 mins to download software and receive updates. So it's really important that they are never powered off, but instead restarted and charged each night.

Restarting devices can push the devices to "reset" (the classic turn it off and on again).

How to clean the devices?

The Yumpingo devices have been designed to be hardwearing and withstand the demands of daily life in service.

To keep them in tip-top condition, simply wipe them clean with a non-corrosive antibacterial cleaning spray that you would normally use for your onsite hardware (i.e. Till, PDQ machine, etc.)

Cleaning your devices each night will maintain them in good condition so they're ready for the next day's service to capture your great reviews!

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