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Managing Team Members

Yumpingo server pins are simple to use and work the same as the PIN entry screen on your mobile phone.


  • A pin entry screen will display on the main screen of the Yumpingo devices.
  • Each server will enter their unique 4-digit pin and the 'Tap to Start' screen will display.
  • Hand the device to the guest to complete a review.
  • Once the guest completes their review, the screen will automatically reset to the black 'pin entry' screen. 

Setting up Team Member pins

Users can update and manage their Team Information on the Yumpingo Dashboard. If your user permissions allow brand access, you can edit Team member pins for the whole brand. If you have venue-level permissions (such as GMs) you can manage team member pins for your specific venue.

To add a new team member

  • Go to the Manage page and then select Team members

  • To add a new server, click Add team member on the top right and enter their name.

  • You can choose to randomly assign a pin number or use a memorable one for the server. A common choice is to match their Yumpingo pins with their POS server IDs.


To remove or edit, click on the name of the team member.

  • On this page, you can edit names (for misspellings or name changes), change the pins or add, or remove venues. Team members have the ability to work across multiple sites, but you may only have permission to remove them from your venue.

  • You can also remove a server from your venue and their name will disappear in the list of servers.


For bulk uploads:

  • Download the formatted CSV and edit names, pins, and venues directly from the spreadsheet.

  • Upload the file and you will see the Team Members as usual

  • Copy to clipboard function is also available if you want to open in other file forms


Multiple Venue users:

  • Team members who work at multiple venues should have the same server pin for both venues.
  • With venue-level access, you can only add/remove the server from your venue.
  • With brand-level access, you can control a server at all venues.
  • If a new Team Member is created with a name that already exists in your brand, the following warning will pop up to avoid creating duplicates.

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