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Team Member Analysis

Team Analysis Explained


On the Team analysis page you can see how each of your team members is performing by the key metrics explained below:

Tables served: how many tables total each team member has served. This is important because measuring success needs to be equal. A team member who works full time will naturally serve more tables than a part-time team member. Tables served are only available with POS-connected device sites.

Put down rate: This is the magic number for a team member. It's the most important measure of success on Yumpingo and measures how often a server puts down a Yumpingo device on a table - after all, higher put-downs = higher reviews. You're aiming for as close to 100% put-down rates as possible, but if you're a long way off, try to encourage raising it just 10% over the week before. To encourage servers to put down devices, reward the highest put-down rates in a week instead of punishing the lowest ones. Put down rate is only available with certain POS-connected device sites. 

Steps of service: This measures how many markers each team member is reaching on your steps of service questions from the reviews. This shows where your team is doing great and what they need to work on. Choose longer periods such as the last 28 days to recognize the delivery of Steps of Service.

Reward the best team members instead of punishing the worst (or they won't want to put the devices down!). Recognise the overall areas your team needs to improve on the most and focus on that for a few weeks at a time. Don't forget to feedback regularly to the team on how they're improving to keep them motivated to be even better.

Core question (NPS): This measures how each team member is doing on 'Would you recommend [Your Brand] to a friend or relative?] Ideally, each team member would have a green dot next to their name. This is helpful for spotting longer-term patterns. Remember though, if the NPS for your brand is low and not in the green, it's unlikely that team members will be able to score highly, so focus on the overall experience for all guests first.

  1.  On the Yumpingo dashboard, select the venue in the drop-down list you'd like to see the Team analysis for. If you want to see the entire brand to set strategic brand level focuses, select ''All venues.''

  2.  Select Team Analysis under the Service tab on the left side menu of the dashboard

  3.  Select the date range you'd like to view

  1. You can sort by any of the column headers, but make sure to select INCLUDE ALL so that servers with zeros will be displayed.

  2. Select items per page to match your number of servers 

  3. If you want to do further reporting, select the COPY TO CLIPBOARD then paste it into Excel, Sheets, or email

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