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Yumpingo Food Score

Food and drink quality and consistency is the major driver of customer sentiment and NPS. Yumpingo collects menu item feedback from guests and converts this into a Food Score, enabling you to manage this core part of the experience. 

How we calculate your overall Food Score

There are 5 weighted metrics that are combined to determine the food score. 

The Overall Recommendation accounts for 60% the total Food Score

The item characteristics; Look, Taste, Portion, and Value, contribute 10% each. 

Responses to these metrics can only be positive or negative, but if a customer chooses not to rate a characteristic this is all considered when calculating the food score.


To help to interpret the Food score we use a traffic lighting system with the following thresholds: 

More than 90 is green 

80-89 is amber

Less than 79 will be red 

How to use the Food Score 

Always check how many reviews a score is based on. If it is based on less than 20 reviews it can be sensible to expand your date range to include more data. Small data samples (low numbers of reviews) tend to give extreme scores so we have set a minimum threshold of 5 reviews to show scores in the dashboard.

For each item we collect a set of insights that will help you understand the 'why' and what can be done to improve a dish. 

  • Time tracking highlights specific days or shifts that can be improved, or longer term trends.
  • Characteristics highlight specific issues with dish execution. 
  • Benchmarking allows you to compare your dish with other restaurants in your group.
  • Customer comments help you uncover the specific issues might be occurring.

Next step: Routines to Deliver Continuous Improvements

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