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Issues logging into Yumpingo dashboard

There are normally 3 reasons why you would not be able to login to the Yumpingo dashboard:

1. Internet connection issues

Are you able to log in to app.yumpingo.com on your mobile phone using WiFi or your mobile phone network?

If you can log in using WiFi then it could be an issue with your computer.

If you can't log in from your mobile phone using WiFi but can log in using your mobile phone network then it could be an issue with your WiFi network. If there is an issue with your WiFi you will need to contact your company IT support team to have them check it out.

2. Incorrect web browser

What web browser are you using to log in?

To access the Yumpingo dashboard you must be using a secure web browser such as Google Chrome. Internet Explorer is NOT a supported web browser for Yumpingo and will not work.

3. Incorrect username and or password

Your username is your restaurant's work email address.

Don't remember your password? Click here for instructions on how to reset your password

If you have any questions or suggestions please reach out by clicking the pink chatbox on the lower right side of your screen. 

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