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Users & Roles

Each Yumpingo Dashboard user must be assigned a role in order to access the dashboard.

Within Yumpingo, there are 5 recommended roles set up as standard which allows access to a specific set of features on the Dashboard.

These roles are recommended, but there is also some flexibility in how these roles can be adjusted to have other features.

Standard Roles:

RoleReview Data FeaturesInsights FeaturesReputation DashboardGuest Email DataManage FeaturesUser Management
Limited AccessXXXXX
General AccessXXX
Enhanced AccessXX
Manage AccessXX
Account Admin


General Access

  • Access to basic features in the limited access plus insights. 
  • Recommended for: The majority of users, General Managers, Area Managers, Exec teams, etc

Managed Access

  • General Access + ability to make changes to the Yumpingo review flow using the Manage section of the dashboard - including menus & experience questions
  • Recommended for: Operations & Head office roles

Enhanced Access

  • Same as General Access but with special additional features such as access to guest marketing emails or Reputation features
  • Recommended for: Marketing teams

Limited Access

  • Access to Yumpingo's basic dashboard features: Live page (real-time reviews), Food & drink Insights, Experience Questions responses
  • Recommended for: Outside consultants, IT teams

Account Manager (Admin)

  • Full access to all features on the Yumpingo dashboard
  • Recommended for: Usually 1-2 people within your company, Yumpingo's Main stakeholder 


  • Review data features - Access to the basic functionality of the Yumpingo dashboard is enabled for all users.
    • Allows a user to see the review feed, food & drink reviews and see the answers to Service & research Questions answered by guests and the reporting tab.

  • Insights features - Ability to view insights based on the review data. This includes the experience drivers, insights and Smart Actions (if enabled) section for a venue or brand.

  • Reputation dashboard - Ability to access the Reputation dashboard. 

  • Guest email data - Ability to view and download the email addresses that guests have left as part of the Subscribe section of the review. 
    • This should be limited to a few people within a brand as this is sensitive data and has GDPR implications
    • We recommend giving access to a few marketing users only.

  • Manage Features - Ability to view and edit the manage features section.
    • This includes the ability to:
      • Add or remove Questions from the Guest reviews
      • Make changes to menus, what menu items a guest can review, and how it is displayed on the insights. 
      • Manage Shared Venue groups, which allows segmenting locations into regions or by Area Managers

  • User management Ability to add and remove users from the Yumpingo dashboard

If you'd like to have more granular roles created, or make any changes to the features in each role, get in touch with Yumpingo to make these changes.

Location level:

Each user will also have access to a certain number of locations, depending on their job title. 

  • Venue level - access to information for a specific location
  • Area level - access to information for a group of locations
  • Brand level - access to information for all locations within a brand
  • Account level - access to information for all brands and locations within an account that has multiple brands

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