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User Roles

The Role Management tab is available within the Yumpingo Dashboard, which can be reached by navigating from the tabs on the left of the screen (Dashboard > Manage > Roles). 

This feature is only available to Account Admins.

Roles on the Yumpingo dashboard encompass a set of features that control access to different tabs within the platform. These roles are defined for each account, providing flexibility to each brand and its employees.

Each role is then assigned to one or more users, which define the features those users are able to access. This allows brands to customize the platform to suit their needs.

In addition to a platform role, each user also has a Job Position in the system. The purpose of the Job Position is to reflect the user's job in the 'real world', whereas the platform role is to define access on the Yumpingo platform only.

When viewing the list of roles, all roles that sit under a particular account will be shown depending on the account selected on the account selector (at the bottom left of the screen above the Back button). This screen shows the name of each role and the number of people with that role. Users can click on a role to view more details.

By default the below roles and their respective access permissions will be automatically created for each brand:

Standard Roles:

RoleReview Data FeaturesInsights FeaturesReputation DashboardGuest Email DataManage FeaturesUser Management
Limited AccessXXXXX
General AccessXXX
Enhanced AccessXX
Manage AccessXX
Account Admin


If you wish to create a new role or update an already existing one, please send an email to support@yumpingo.com 

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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions please reach out by clicking the support chat box on the lower right side of your screen.

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