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Setting up a new user

Creating new users in the Yumpingo Dashboard is a simple process, and can be done by clicking the "+" symbol on the users' table (Dashboard > Manage > Users). This opens a side panel where you can add new user details or edit the details of an already existing user. 

The side panel is broken into three sections: Personal Details, Platform Access, and Notifications Access.

In the Personal Details section, you can enter simple information about the user, such as their first and last name, email address, department, job position, and job responsibility. These details do not have an impact on system access. If a user's department or job position is not filled in, they will be prompted to complete this information when they log in.

In the 
Platform Access section, you can specify the user's role and locations they should have access to. A user needs both a role and one or more locations assigned to be able to see anything in the Dashboard. Platform roles within the account are available to be assigned to the user, but it is possible for a user to have no role under the account, in which case they will not be able to view any data in the application but will still appear in the user list. Locations can be specified by selecting from a list of brands, venue groups, or venues. The user will not be able to access any location unless it is specified in this section. 

In the 
Notifications Access section, you can define the notifications that should be sent to the user. These are not linked to the platform access, so any notification can be set up for any location within the account, even if the user doesn't have access to that location. This is particularly useful in the case where a user has access to an entire brand, but requires notifications for a certain location within the brand, or where a user does not require dashboard access but does require notifications. 

Removing users from the Dashboard is also a simple process. To remove a user's access to the Yumpingo Dashboard, you can remove their role and/or location. In these scenarios, the user will only be able to access their profile page and the user will still appear in the user list. 

To prevent a user from logging in, you can remove the user by clicking the "bin" icon on the user side panel. If the user only has access to this account, their role and locations will be removed and they will be set to blocked. If the user has access to other accounts, the role and locations on this account only will be removed and the user will still be able to access other accounts on Yumpingo.

* If you have more than 25 users to be created or removed you could contact support@yumpingo.com for assistance.

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