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NCR Aloha Integration - HASP Keys

In order to integrate Yumpingo with the NCR Aloha/CloudConnect POS system, you'll need to provide the HASP keys for each venue. Usually your IT team or the person who manages your brand's Omnivore or Aloha systems will be able to assist in gathering this information.

The HASP Key will be a numeric code between 4 and 7 digits in length. Note that the HASP Key can also be called different names, including: Passkey, NCR ID, CMC ID, Aloha ID, Key Number

The HASP Key may also be found in various locations. You may need to check each of these locations to find it, including:

  • Aloha Manager on the POS server terminal (see File Menu > About Aloha Manager)

  • Licenses list on the POS server terminal  (see Main Menu >  Business  > Store > Licensing)

  • License sticker on the back of the POS server terminal (see a tag or sticker on the back of the computer)

Once found, send a list like the example to Yumpingo to begin the integration process.

  • Venue 1 - 6385832
  • Venue 2 - 5638352
  • Venue 3 - 3574566

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