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Guest facing post dining reviews templates

Yumpingo uses post dining emails to gather guest feedback after their experience. This can be used for any service style and with a number of different systems such as the POS system, order and pay apps and WiFi logins.

Yumpingo has 4 base templates which have elements that are customisable

  • The subject and email body have been time tested to get the best results!

  • We recommend 4 templates, instead of one, in order to provide variety for guests; particularly repeat guests.
  • The template’s look can vary slightly based on email service provider and device used

Customisable features

What can't be changed:

  •  The legal language on the bottom
  • The unsubscribe button cannot be removed
  • Font and colour must stay the same
  • Yumpingo logo must be included
  • The email address that the post dining reviews are from is: donotreply@reviews.yumpingo.com and this cannot be changed.
    •  The ‘from’ is adjusted to be the brand name 
  • https://yum.live/review/ is the review link guests will see in their browser

Other Customisation available

  • How many templates used (up to 4)
  • The proportion of emails that use each template.
  • How long after the bill is closed until the review is sent (more below)
  • How often reviews are sent to repeat customers: the recommendation is once a week but this can be any length of time.

Bespoke creation

The option to fully create a template from scratch is possible, but it must be completely done by the client. The client can provide Yumpingo the complete HTML with the parameters below. Yumpingo is not able to design bespoke templates any other way. 

The  HTML template created should be within these parameters:

  • 600 x 637 px body width background image
  • Image file source must must be hosted online
  • Text/copy:
    • up to 30 words 

    • Must not be on the image

    • Font should be web and email standards

    • Text cannot be white

  • Call to action must be clear such as “start” or ‘“review here”

  • Footer should be included; yumpingo can provide the most up to date version on request

Sending an post dining review

All post dining emails, for all service styles, are sent out 60 minutes after the last point of contact. Each service styles has a different "smart" trigger that makes the most sense for the ordering style.

For example:

  • Table service is 60 minutes after the order payment time. In the case of order at table, most guests are paying when they order, so it’s always 60 minutes from payment time.

  • Click and collect, the 60 minutes is triggered from when the order is collected at the store.

  • Delivery, it's 60 minutes after the order is delivered to the guest. Likewise, If someone orders at 10am for a 6pm delivery, the post dining email will still be sent at 7pm. 

  • For WiFi integrations, it’s 60 minutes after the last time they logged into WiFi at the venue.

Yumpingo can amend these times to be any length up to 24 hours, but this must be the same for each service style within a brand. 

Keep in mind, a guest is more likely to review if they receive the email promptly after their dining experience. Sending the email out later than 60-120 minutes may affect your review rates.

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