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Devices with Filtered Menus

The Yumpingo devices can be linked to your Point of Sales service (POS). This allows you to show your customers the food and drinks that they ordered, making the review process much easier for them. 

This short video explains how to enter the table or check number into the devices:

Returning to the home screen

Once the guest finishes, collect the Yumpingo device from their table and check that it's ready for the next customer.

If the last guest stopped mid-review, any answers they gave will still be submitted. Just tap three times on your restaurant’s logo at the top left of the screen to head back to the start screen. Then return the device to the server’s station ready for the next guest.

Table doesn't exist warning

  1. If you ever see this message,  try to re-enter the table or check number again.

  2. If the bill still isn't working, ensure the check is still open. You can also try another open check/bill.

  3. If the same issue is occurring on all open checks/bills, it's likely your POS system has stopped sending the information to the Yumpingo devices.

    You can continue to use Yumpingo by pressing cancel and handing the device to the customer as normal.

    To fix the issue please contact support@yumpingo.com as soon as possible so we can work to get the link fixed.

Device care

Cleaning the devices

The Yumpingo devices have been designed to be hardwearing and withstand the demands of daily life in service.

To keep them in tip-top condition, simply wipe them clean with a non-corrosive antibacterial cleaning spray that you would normally use for your onsite hardware (i.e. Till, PDQ machine, etc.)

Cleaning your devices each night will maintain them in good condition so they're ready for the next day's service to capture your great reviews!

Charging the devices

The devices have a long battery life, designed to outlast even the busiest shifts. However, charging them each night is really important for software updates and keeping the devices healthy in the long run. 

If the battery starts to get too low a pop-up will appear on the device to alert you.

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