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Omnivore POS Connection issues and Support procedures

This article explains the common issues that can arise with the Omnivore and how to go about troubleshooting and gaining support if needed. 

Devices cannot access the digital bill at all:

An issue with the Omnivore pos connection will normally manifest itself as an inability for the Yumpingo devices to access the live bill, which will result in users seeing an error message when they enter the table/check number. Before you contact Yumpingo or Omnivore we would appreciate it if you would first try to follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check your network: The most likely failure scenarios result from local network disruption and hardware replacement at the restaurant location. If you have been experiencing any network issues with other services on site then this is likely to be the cause of the issue.
  2. Check Omnivore system status: Check http://status.omnivore.io/ for scheduled maintenance and system health announcements. If there is a known issue then you will need to wait for Omnivore to resolve it.
  3. Restart the Omnivore agent: Sometimes issues crop up that can be resolved by simply restarting the Omnivore agent software. Please follow these instructions to restart the agent.

If neither of these solves the issue then you can contact Yumpingo at support@yumpingo.com. If you believe that the issue is to do with Omnivore itself, then you can contact them directly on Omnivore’s emergency number (sent to you separately). This will connect you with the on-call support staff who can troubleshoot the offline status and restore service. When you contact Omnivore in this way, please let them know it's regarding Yumpingo, and let them know the name of the location experiencing the issues.

Digital bill data is incorrect:

For situations where you believe the pos data may be incorrect or is not behaving as expected (rather than being completely disabled), you should contact Yumpingo at support@yumpingo.com as the first line of support. This will enable us to work together with you on the data being returned and how you're using it before involving Omnivore. If appropriate, we will then involve Omnivore, which will involve more technical discussions which may not be relevant to you.

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