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Rich vs. Light Insights

  • The Insights plan displayed on the Yumpingo dashboard will be set as either Rich or Light.

    The two differ in the extent to which the data can be detailed. This will affect the display method of the ‘Insights’ tab on your dashboard. 

  • The number of reviews received determines the type of insights reporting a venue/brand will receive

  • This allows insights to be tailored appropriately to how much data the venue can actually collect.

Light insights plan:

  • If a venue is expected to continuously collect less than 70-100 guest reviews per week (10-14 reviews per day) it will automatically report on the light insights plan.

  • This should be purely based on the type of review ingestion product they use and the size of the venue

  • Web-based reviews, (Posting Dining & QR codes): venues collecting reviews using a web app should always be started on Light; guest conversion rate differs significantly based on the channel (e.g. table tent, receipt, CRM email) and with this ingestion method, you should expect between 0.2-9 reviews per venue per day.

  • If a venue has the capacity to collect more reviews (i.e. they are just not putting devices down) they should stay on rich insights and push harder to get devices down on every table!

  • Devices: our lowest review conversion rates are 45%; therefore if the venue serves less than 25 to 35 tables per day on average they may be better off starting on the light.

The light Insights page will show:

  • Food & drink reviews
  • Answers to service questions
  • Answers to research questions 

Rich insights plan:

  • Devices: If 100+ reviews a week are expected (14 reviews a day) for the given venue they should be on the rich plan

  • Rich allows a fuller picture of the overall guest experience

  • Rich insights will show more detail for each section, including the best/worst shifts and top-selling/ rated dishes etc. 

The rich insights page will show:

  • Week-on-week trend
  • Best & worst shift
  • Overall score

NOTE: If your insights plan is changed the 'Insights' tab will show previous insights based on the plan they were on at that time. 

If you have any questions or comments please reach out through the chatbox on the bottom-right of your screen and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can!

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