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Question Analysis

What is steps of service?

Steps of service represents the questions a restaurant asks it's guests to measure the performance of each venue and/or team members overall service. These questions are used to track the correlation between whether the step of service was met and the effect it has on the Net Promotor Score (NPS).

  • Steps of service are only yes/no or yes/no/maybe questions
  • These questions, unlike NPS, are out of 100%
  • Aim for 90% postive responses to each question (it will display in green)
  • Some products are not able to display individual team members only venues
  • Questions may be asked in a rotation to better understand specific dishes or time of service

What is Question Analysis?

The Service 'Questions Analysis' page is the best place to see an overview of the NPS across time, locations, and servers. This is the page that will help track long term trends that will provide a good indication of whether your NPS score is improving or declining. This allows team members an understanding of the steps that have the greatest effect on guest experience. 

This table displays the responses to a question asked to guests related to following a specific step to provide great service. 

In this example you can see that in the question, "Did your server provide you with a dessert menu?", it was answered 139 times and 92% of the time it was asked guests answered 'yes'.

To increase their score, the venue should implement changes such as:

  • Having servers provide a dessert menu after a certain amount of time has passed from when guests receive their entrees
  • Ask guests if they would be interested in seeing a dessert menu
  • Provide each table with dessert table tents

Clicking on a question will provide an even more in depth view of the response. This will allow you to see the general trend, shift breakdown, venue breakdown, and team member breakdown.

In the trend graph you will be able to see the days that score the lowest in response to this step of service. Here you will be able to follow to see what days the question has the most 'no' responses over the time frame you choose to view. We can see in the trend below as the weekend creeps in the step is less frequently met, this could be because of the influx of guests weekends typically experience.

'Shift breakdown' will help you see more into the trend and pinpoint the time of day that struggles the most with meeting a step of service. Hovering over the bubble will show you the number of responses and the general 'yes' answer percentage. This helps managers focus their energy on the shift that is struggling with meeting the step, rather than a full retraining that would take significantly more time. In the below example we can see that Tuesday is the day with the most 'no' responses as well as weekend dinner shifts. 

'Venue breakdown' allows you to see how locations compare in terms of a singular step of service. For Area Managers this is especially useful to see what locations they need to target for support. Clicking into any of the venues will allow you to see the breakdown within the location.

Diving into 'Team member breakdown' is a great way to give shoutouts to team members who execute steps and also pin point training efforts for those who struggle. This provides a really great tool for management to really provide the proper support needed. 

Team Analysis

What is Team Analysis?

The 'Team Analysis' portion of the 'Service' section has a similar measurement to 'Question Analysis', but takes a more in depth look into individual venues or team members. 

In the example below you can see the categories are broken down into the number of orders served, the device put down rate, the number of reviews, the number of steps of service being met, and the NPS Score. Here is where you will see the full breakdown the number of steps of service being met, as well as the device put down rate by both location and server. 

In the below example you can see that overall there are 6 questions being asked by the brand, and of those 5 are being met. Moving down you can see what venues or staff members are specifically struggling to meet all of the steps of service.

What is the device put down rate?

When Yumpingo is able to fully integrate with your Point-of-Sale (POS) system, we can track what percentage of your total bills were pulled onto a device [and given to a guest] compared to what your total bills were. This is what we call the device put down rate. The focus of the device put down rate is to collect as many reviews from guests to have a higher data sample to action change weekly. While 100% is an incredible put down rate, it is often unattainable based on how POS systems feed bill information into Yumpingo's platform. 65% is considered a strong put down rate, giving you a sufficient sample size to determine all key trends about the guest experience. Use this as a guide to determine if there are any staff members who aren't handing out the Yumpingo devices to their guests. If a full integration is not available, the put down rate section will not appear.

Service Questions

In the below section you can see the NPS question as it relates to a server specifically. This section really helps navigate a server that is scoring low and looking into the steps of service questions their guests answer and seeing where improvements need to be made. Alternatively this section is the best way to reward servers for making improvements or just keep really high NPS with their guests.

If you have any questions or comments please reach out through the chatbox on the bottom-right of your screen and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can!

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