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When you first log in to the Live! Page, you will see a similar image to the one below;

Multiple Service Style Overview

Each venue on the Yumpingo dashboard has the ability to have multiple service styles which allows you to easily see their review data (food, drink, service, NPS) split by service style. This allows you to understand and take action on any differences you may see filtering by specific service style.

  • For example, you may notice a difference in item scores between delivery and table service. If you see this consistently, it may be because the item doesn't travel well. You may then take steps to change the packaging of the item.


Each venue will have a single drop-down to select specific venues and a drop-down to select specific service styles. The default will be All Service Styles which is all the data for all your service styles. 

  • The service styles dropdown is next to the venue drop-down and will be available on Live, Food and Drink, Service (Question Analysis), Research, and Reporting (Venue Performance).

  • On Food & Drink, Service and Research there will be some additional breakdown tables showing answers split by service style as default which will disappear if the user selects a specific style

  • If you only have access to a specific venue or set of venues, you'll still be able to see all the service styles for that venue.


  •  Service styles do not break down to order method (i.e. we show them as delivery, not Deliveroo, JustEat, uberEats). A full list and explanation of service styles are listed below.

  • There is no change to post dining emails which get sent to customers, just the dashboard as insights will be changing with 2.0.

Types of service styles

The service styles for each brand are set up at Yumpingo. Please see below for the full list of service styles we offer. If you don't see yours below and would like to add one, let us know in the chat box on the bottom right of your screen.

UK/EU Name (default)

US Name


Table service

In restaurant

standard dine-in table service with a team member taking your order at the table.

Counter limited serviceOrder at the counter, and then the order is brought to you

Click and Collect


An order is placed online through the order and pay app and the customer collects it at the venue



Order is placed online, over the phone and it's delivered to the customer. No distinction of whether this is delivered by a delivery service or the brand's own service.



The customer orders in person through the drive-thru window and takes the food to go.

Grab and go

Grab and Go

Order at the counter and take away

Quick serve


Order at the counter and take your order to the table



Items on the shelf in a supermarket/retail



When your service style is as unique as your brand!

Food and Drink Scoring



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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions please reach out by clicking the support chat box on the lower right side of your screen.

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