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Reputation - Setting up Users

To add a new user

1. Before adding a user to Reputation management, you must ensure they have been enabled on the Yumpingo. A user can have access to only Reputation, but still must be set up on the Yumpingo Dashboard. Please contact Yumpingo support by clicking on the pink chat box on the bottom right of this page.

2. Once a user has been added by the Yumpingo team, access Reputation by going to the Yumpingo Dashboard and then clicking the Reputation tab on the left to launch Reputation management.

3. Go to Settings (in the top right) > select Users & Rights.

4. To find a user, scroll to the section that aligns with their type of permissions (ie managers) or use the search bar to search for their name or email.

5. Finally, add the locations you wish for that user to see. You can add as many or as few locations as you'd like for each user.

User permissions: 

There are different types of permissions for each type of user in Reputation. For example, a General manager will need to be able to control all the posts for his venue only. While an area manager may just need to see all her areas to make sure her GMs are answering their inbox. 

  1. Owner, Admin, Marketer - Full oversight and full functionality
  2. Manager, Location Manager, User - Assigned locations only, ability to view and respond to inbox.
  3. Guest - View only rights for assigned locations

Notes about user permissions:

  • You cannot select a role that is higher than yours. 
  • Note: You can only give permission for groups and locations that you yourself have access to.
  • You can see a user's status next to their name

If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions please reach out by clicking the support chat box on the lower right side of your screen.

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