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Reputation - Issues were found screen

This notification is an important communication tool for the health of your Inbox and should not be ignored. This is how Yumpingo informs you a page needs to be reconnected so that you can continue pulling in data, and continue responding to your customers. Without this data, you can't gather insights on trends, team performance, or customer satisfaction levels. 

When you log into your Reputation Inbox and the following screen appears, please follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

This alert is flagged when an integration (Social media page) has become disconnected. A connection can break when someone changes a password on an account or changes the settings.

Sometimes (but less often) the integration itself (Facebook, Instagram, GMB, Instagram, etc.) has an update that breaks the connection. 

When you see this issue, the following information will be provided.

  1. The location where the connection has broken (ie Soho or 5th Avenue)
  2. The integration, i.e. FB, GMB, IG and
  3. The name of the user who needs to connect, because this user has the access to the account.


If you see this pop-up and you are the user:

You can solve it with a simple click of the Fix Now button but make sure to read carefully and follow all instructions to the end, especially for TripAdvisor and Instagram Enhanced modes. ?

When are you and who is notified?

  • Owners, Social Media admins, & Admins are immediately notified as soon as they log on to the Reputation Hub
  • Managers, location managers, and users - are notified in the weekly email with a list of all locations that need to be re-connected.


If you suddenly see an influx of old messages in the inbox:

  • This can happen when you reconnect a broken page after you get the message. Suddenly, Yumpingo is now able to start pulling in all messages again --- including some older messages. 
  • If this happens, you can choose to read, tag, respond and complete such messages or bulk complete your messages. 

If you have further questions or encounter any difficulties, please let us know via the chat box. We're happy to investigate with you!

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