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Request a custom Question

Yumpingo's comprehensive question database is backed by industry leading research and proven data analysis to provide you with the questions that best drive guest happiness. While we believe the questions provided in our database encompass the full facet of the restaurant hospitality experience, we understand that some things are totally unique to your brand!

If you have brand level ''Admin'' access to the Yumpingo dashboard, you can request custom question requests for your brand through Yumpingo support. In order for the question to be approved, it must follow these guidelines:

The question cannot already be asked in the database

As the experts in guest experience, we are constantly optimising our questions to get the best responses, so avoid having an existing question asked in a slightly different way.

  1. How was your overall experience? is the same question as

  2. How would you rate your experience overall today?

The question should be generic (when possible)

Some brands will inevitably need custom questions just for their brand, but if possible try to keep it generic for other brands and help us add to our benchmarking database. For example:

  1.  Specific to brand: Did you find that The Italian Cafe's ordering kiosk was an easy way to order your food? 

  2. Generic for use by other brands: How would you rate the ease of our ordering system?

The question should not already be answered by the insights in the Yumpingo dashboard

  • Example: How would you rate our portion sizes?

  • Example: What location did you dine at?

The question can't be a leading question, especially if it pushes a false positive:

  • For example: Wouldn't you agree that [brand] makes the best burgers in town?  

  • Instead try: 'How would you rate our burgers in comparison to other local restaurants?'

The question cannot measure more than one thing.

  1. Example: Was your service fast and friendly today?

  2. Instead, use two separate questions: 

    1. How would you rate the speed of service today? 

    2. Was the service team friendly?

Question format

  • Check for spelling and grammar 

  • Make sure the question is easy to read and understand

  • The Question must be concise to work in the Yumpingo pulse survey format. For example:

    • Too long: During your restaurant visit today, was the ordering format properly explained to you by a server or team member within the first 15 minutes of arriving?

    • Concise: Was the ordering format explained when you arrived?

The answer type should match the question

    Our questions can be answered in the following formats:

  • Yes / No

  • Yes / No / Maybe

  • Free text

  • 1-5 stars - very unsatisfied to very satisfied - this metric cannot be customised

  • 1-5 scale - very unlikely to very likely - this metric cannot be customised

Note: There is no option for multiple choice questions

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