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Question Categories

There are three types of Questions:

Core (NPS)

The core question measures NPS. Net Promoter Score is the core experience question asked to all guests across all services. It is used to measure overall satisfaction and your customer’s loyalty to the brand. The results of this score give all of our other questions context.

  • Because measuring NPS is driven by industry standards, only a select few questions can be set up as core questions. 

  • All core questions are 1-5 scale questions.

Steps of service

Used to track the key front-of-house touch points they allow you to monitor and manage the key interactions that define your customer experience. These questions highlight issues with your service flow, pinch points at busy times and team training needs. You will see not only what is happening, but why it’s happening.

  • Steps of service are only yes/no or yes/no/maybe style questions


In-the-moment quantitative market research can be used to gain a better understanding of your brand and your guests.

  • Research questions can use yes/no, yes/no/maybe, 5 scale, 5 star, or free text responses. 

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