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Introduction to Yumpingo Experience Questions

Questions work alongside the food and drink reviews in the Yumpingo survey as the foundation to transform customer happiness.

The Yumpingo 1-minute review is a pulse survey: a brief and regular set of questions provided to your guests. This survey type provides a high volume of quantitive responses, structured to produce immediately actionable results. 

Codifying customer experiences

The Yumpingo review has been developed specifically for hospitality, with focused questions and specific insights. This focus also benefits from scale as more brands and customers take part, the more intelligent the platform becomes. We can benchmark your service and provide you with additional insights, based on millions of reviews, thousands of other locations and hundreds of other brands. 

The questions are frequently optimized and cross-referenced as we constantly improve our reviews, so you're not starting from scratch each time.

In your Onboarding Doc, some questions are recommended to get started and the benchmarking data is highlighted. These questions have been rigorously tested and researched so rest assured, the wording, length, and answer type will get you the best response rate in the existing format.

Questions can focus on your essential service steps or can be used to research your experience, brand, or customers. 

Questions can be changed frequently and at any time, enabling you to investigate performance in detail and uncover new insights: down to a dish, store, or shift level. 

On the Yumpingo dashboard Questions tab, you'll be able to: 

  1. Track performance with relevant questions and NPS scores

  2. Uncover issues and opportunities

  3. Address the issues by implementing new processes

  4. Monitor changes and adjust new processes if necessary

  5. Set new goals once desired outcomes have been achieved

Experience Drivers:

If your brand is using the new Experience (XP) Drivers flow, you won't need to add many steps of service questions. Almost all the steps of service questions are designed to be presented during the XP drivers, so focus on asking great research questions from our master list instead.

Learn more about Questions

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