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Yumpingo Dashboard User Access

In order for employees to have access to the Yumpingo Dashboard to access the review data, they'll need to have a user set up by Yumpingo. For confidentiality, all user permissions need to be requested by the main stakeholder at your brand. This is usually someone in the head office.

In order to set up a dashboard user, we'll need specific information from you.

Contact information

For each dashboard user, we'll need the following information:

  • First & last name
  • Email - ideally an email for your brand such as name@brandname.com
  • Job title

Access levels

How much information each user should be allowed access to. See below for different levels of access.


  • Venue level access - gives a user access to a specific venue or group of venues. 
    • They can't see data or report for the entire brand, only their venue(s). 
    • We'll need to know which venue for each user with venue-level permissions
    • Who: GMs, assistant managers, venue emails, or area manager 
  • Brand level access - gives a user access to the entire brand and reporting for all venues. 
    • This is helpful for analysing the health of the entire brand.
    • Who: Head office, marketing, Area managers, trainers, CEOs, etc
  • Roles - the user roles determines which features each user has access to.

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