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November 2022

Multiple language support for webApp - standard flow

  • The ability to enable the translation of the webApp review, standard flow only
  • Only Arabic is available currently

Dynamic Tables (Locations reporting) improvements

  • The ability to see metrics for a venue group set-up at an account level so that the performance of a brand can be analysed in different ways.
  • The ability to hide secondary columns/dimensions and look at the rolled-up/combined scores for a specified venue group
  • When a venue group has been set up across account it allows the location report to leverage these groups

  • Ensures the account level venue group hierarchy can be defined as being followed

  • If the account is single brand, we don’t show a secondary ‘Brand’ column in the tables

  • If the account is a multi-brand account, we also display ‘Account’ tab and rolled up scores 

  • If the set-up works in a way where the type of the venue group being looked at has a further breakdown (e.g. brands - but can be other depending on how the the venue groups are set up); then we will allow them to hide these secondary columns and look at the rolled up/combined scores for that venue group

  • A user can hide the secondary dimensions

  • If the primary venue group was shown multiple types, because of being split by the secondary dimension then it will ‘roll-up'.

  • If there are multiple secondary dimensions then user can choose to hide one or more, each time the roll-up will only happen for the hidden column

Daily Extract API (webhook data)

(a.k.a. API to request daily webhook data)

  • This enables a periodic extract of data from Yumpingo with review-level data. Easily ingest data daily without needing to handle continuous incoming webhooks.
  • It is possible to specify that a user is able to request data for certain brands, and only data for those brands can be returned for the user

  • A response will be provided including data for all reviews that were submitted on the provided date for the requested venue

  • The data provided will be in JSON format

  • Each request must be for a day in the past.

Issues breakdowns (a.k.a atomic breakdowns)

  • Users can now click on Experience issues and see which areas are having the biggest impact

  • Breakdowns live: Locations, location groups, service styles, shifts, hours, weekdays, day parts (e.g. Monday - lunch)

  • Find out where to focus your efforts to resolve an issue

Partner API and webhook management improvements

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