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May 2023

Scores API

  • The ability, when using your own BI tool, or third-party dashboard, to be able to get scores for defined time periods and locations
  • Can easily replicate NPS, food/drink etc scores in my own reporting

Multi-Language: Venue select & service select screens

  • The ability to support multiple languages in the venue select and service select screens of the web app flow, including venue names and service style names.

Custom NPS and Food & Drink thresholds

  • The ability for each account to be able to set their own custom NPS and Food & Drink colour thresholds (red/amber/green)
  • Settings can be applied at an account level and will then be applied to all brands linked to that account. Set-up will require dev work initially.

Single CSV Download on Locations Reporting

  • When in Locations Analytics reporting you now have the ability to download a single CSV containing all the data instead of downloading each of the separate views in separate CSV files

User management integration with Reputation

  • Integration with Reputation which allows a seamless user experience when linking the 2 platforms

Flow Customisation: No food/drink review flow

  • This is a new flow option for Web App called ‘Experience only’ that is now available to select within the ‘Admin > Configurations’ section of the dashboard

  • If this flow is enabled then the guest will not be asked to review food/drink they will be taken straight through to experience drivers/experience questions

  • The straight-to-review option can also be used with this flow 

  • A menu does not need to be added for the web app to work

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