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February 2024

WebApp QR code ‘Loop’ function

  • The ability to enable a ‘loop’ function on a QR code campaign. This will allow clients to use their own devices to collect multiple reviews ‘in venue’.

  • Once enabled, on completion of a review, the flow will reset to the start of the journey and clear out any cached info from the previous review.

Simple email notification for Interactive reporting

  • The ability for the end user to set-up recurring notification emails to be sent out with option for PDF or CSV attachments. 

  • Simple email template with the report name as the subject and containing the following static text (and PDF/CSV attachment):

    • Name of report
    • Name of user
    • Weekly/monthly/daily (date range)
    • PDF or CSV attachment

Follow-up Questions - WebApp flow improvement

  • Ensuring the flow automatically moves to the next page when a follow-up question has been answered

Improvements to CSV downloads

  • Changing some column ordering to ensure trends appear in the same order as in the Locations table

  • Amend date/time to be local time for the complaints CSV download

Enable alphanumeric input for Table Number

  • Creates the ability to enter both letters and numbers in the table number input screen on the WebApp review flow. Covers the user case where bar tables may be called “B1” etc.

Interactive Reporting: Open up to non-Yumpingo users

  • Non-yumpingo users with account admin and interactive reports feature enabled can see nav bar entries

  • Yumpingo users can still always see nav bar entries

Basic Email Notification for Interactive Reporting

  • An extension to the interactive reporting tool to enable saved report layouts to be automatically emailed as snapshots for daily, weekly or monthly reporting

  • The ability to set up a new notification with the capability of sending either a

    • full interactive report attached as a pdf
    • a collection of CSVs representing a fully interactive report
    • Users can choose from the following notifications
      • Daily interactive report
      • Weekly interactive report
      • Monthly interactive report
    • User can select their desired interactive report
  • Notification is sent at the correct time based on the filters configured in the notification

    • If brand or venue group: the westernmost venue timezone
    • If venue: the venue timezone

Customisable Experience Drivers

  • The ability to customise Experience Driver topics and issues to better suit the style of the restaurant or target specific data points

  • We have built out topics into their own table to enable the ability to configure whether a brand would like to use either default, default+customised or full custom exp drivers using brand settings (via raw_account_settings)

  • Customisation includes the icons, topics and issues and is available on both WebApp & Devices

  • Topics must be displayed in even numbers to maintain consistent UI. We strongly recommend no more than 6 topics but we have not implemented restrictions at this stage.

  • The customised topics will display in the dashboard and all relevant CSV and PDF downloads

  • Set-up will require a request via ON ticket for the Dev team. (Retool to follow if demand dictates)

Interactive Reporting Widget: MultiSelect Answers

  • You can now surface Multiple Choice and Multi Select answers using our latest Interactive Reporting widget

  • Not only can you view a lovely bar chart of the answers to each question, but you can download a csv with all the answers to all your Multiple Choice & MultiSelect questions

  • Still only available for Yumpingo users to use and demo but will be available to all account admins very soon - watch this space!!

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