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January 2024

Follow up questions

  • The ability to set up a follow-up question to any question (NOT including questions of type multiSelect)
  • The ability to set rules based on answers from within the dashboard
  • We have adjusted the devices' flow so that questions, in general, are now asked on a carousel as opposed to all on a single page
  • For both WebApp and devices - if a question has a follow-up question the relevant follow-up question will be asked below the original question on the same page.
  • Questions with follow-up questions will be asked first (after the logic for cropping the questionnaire has been applied - see Custom Question Slots below)

Additional Reporting Widgets

  • Widget: Value Score Trend (Line Chart)

  • Widget: Individual Service Step Score Trend (Line Chart)

  • Widget: Experience Drivers Issue Trend (Line)

  • Widget: Source Review QTY (Bar Chart)

  • Widget: NPS BLAD (Bar Chart)

  • Widget: NPS by day of the week (Bar Chart)

Custom Question Slots

  • The ability to have a custom # of question slots available for a questionnaire
  • If experience drivers is enabled the number of questions displayed would always be the number of slots minus 1 (we consider XDs as a slot)
  • Can be set for both high-volume and low-volume venues
  • In the platform, we have set min slots to 3 and max slots to 10. However, this can be higher if needed but would be a dev ticket
  • The order of the questions is such that all fixed questions are asked first (in the order in which they were created). Then all rotating questions are shuffled and the questionnaire is cropped to the max slot number.

Reporting Widget: Value Score Trend (Line Chart)

  • Does what it says on the tin

Enable customization of static text on the food review page

  • Allow the following texts to be customizable on the webapp food review screen:
    • “How was your meal?”
    • “Choose a dish or drink to review”

Experience only review flow on Devices

  • A review flow for devices that do not include food/drink

  • Option added to the devices config and is called ‘Experience Only’

Collect a Phone number on the complaints screen

  • The ability to collect a guest’s phone number on the complaints screen and include this in the webhook and CSV download

  • This enables faster resolution of complaints

  • This applies to both WebApp and Devices


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