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Reputation - Team Tasks

You can use Reputation to monitor and track external reviews on all your social channels, and reviews and response to your team members directly into their inboxes.

Team Tasks

This tool enables task management, team collaboration, and ticketing for all of your social media and external customer interactions. 

Any user can assign tasks from the Inbox by clicking on the "Create a task" icon. You can find these in the inbox list and in the message details section.

Task Details

A pop-up will appear that lets you set up the parameters of your task. Here you can also select a request status so the assigned person will know what to do next.

Assign the task to one or several people. 
They'll also be able to see who assigned this task to them and follow up with any questions.

Select a due date, and  write a custom message to give further instructions such as ''Please offer 10%

discount on next visit.''

To view team all your team's tasks:

1. Log in to the Yumpingo Dashboard

2. Click the Reputation tab on the left to launch Reputation

3. At the top pink banner, click Team Tasks

There are three basic views to help you manage tasks: overview, progress board, and team history.


On this list, you will see the general information about each task like User Assignments, Social Media channels, Locations, Due date, and Task Status.

By default, that list only displays tasks that are assigned to you. However, you can filter to show the tasks assigned by you or All Tasks. The list can also be filtered by status.

Progress board:  

 A quick view of how the whole team is managing tasks. The red highlighted cards are overdue tasks. The avatars displayed on the cards are the users they are assigned to.

On this board, drag and drop items to change their status. You can only update information on tasks that are assigned to you or you have created.


Tasks that have been completed by date from the beginning of time. 

Task Details

Whether you are on the Task Overview page or the Progress Board, clicking on a task will display a modal with the task's complete details. 

Daily Summary

The daily summary is a once-a-day quick overview of all your external social/review channels. Reputation management automates your review collection and delivers notifications when your customers leave reviews on any source (Trip Advisor, Facebook, etc). New reviews will be pulled in every hour to your inbox, but at the end of every day, you should receive a summary of new reviews/feedback, too. In the daily email, we tell you what's urgent (negative reviews and influencers) and needs your attention as soon as possible.

These emails come separately from your Yumpingo internal reviews so as to not confuse the data between what you gather life from guests and what your guests are saying publicly. 

Go here to learn how to turn on these daily notifications

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us via the chatbox on the bottom-right of your screen. We appreciate your time, and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can!

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